Importance of shock recorder for transformers

Transporting transformerShock Logger or Shock recorders are instruments which can record shocks that occur when your product is being transported or it is in an environment where it is subjected to shocks frequently. Excessive shocks can damage your product. Monitoring shocks becomes very important when the product is fragile or it is a highly valuable product. Using Shock Logger or Shock recorders you can monitor the shocks and find out if the shocks are above the tolerance limit for your product. If you find out that you product is being subjected to excessive shocks, you can adjust your driving in order to mitigate the vibration. You can also take other measures to mitigate the amount of vibration or later you can improve the design of your product so that it’s durability increases. Mobitron Shock Logger is a good instrument that you can use for recording shocks or impacts.

Monitoring shocks becomes important when you are transporting a transformer. They are not very easily damaged by shocks but a small amount of damage here can result into a highly dangerous situation later. Shock recorder for transformers should be used for the following reasons. The following type of damages may occur if the transformer is subjected to more shocks than suggested g-level. Now we need to understand the term shock. When on a graph the time (ms) is plotted along x axis and acceleration (g) is plotted along y axis we can find the characteristics of the vibration. Here you will find acceleration and deceleration on the graph. The shocks are characterized by the maximum and minimum acceleration or deceleration by duration; these shocks are called mechanical shocks. It is important that we use Shock recorder for transformers and monitor these mechanical shocks. For mechanical shocks following damages may occur:

  • The windings of the transformer might be displaced.
  • There is insulating material inside the transformer between the turns, for active part movement the insulation might be abraded and as a result short circuit may occur.
  • Clamping pressure of the transformer may become loose. As a result during electric faults windings may get collapsed.
  • A safe distance is always required to be maintained between the tank and the active part. For mechanical shocks this clearance might be compromised.

In order to monitor shocks by shock recorder for transformers you need to mount it directly on the transformer; then it can measure and record during the time the transformer is being transported to the site.

So we can understand that shock recorder for transformers have many advantages; they can help you to ensure the safety of the transformer. They are durable; so they can be used many times.